Month: January 2019

Disney with a Baby: 6 Tips

Disney with a Baby: 6 Tips

Earlier this month Sam, Mae, and I went on a trip to Disney world with my family and three other families. We had a party of 25! It was an adventure; exhausting, but so fun and filled with memories. This was my first (and perhaps […]

January Goals and Word of the Year

January Goals and Word of the Year

2019 Word of the Year My word for 2019 is rest. This year I want to rest in God. I want to rest and focus on my relationship with my husband. I want to rest and focus on my relationship with my daughter, family, friends, […]

New Year’s Goals

New Year’s Goals

2019 Goals

I am one of those people who like to set New Year’s resolutions, or goals. The New Year feels like a fresh start and it is always such a fun time to set new goals. But I am also one of those people who are excited in January, and by March I’ve forgotten my goals.

This year I’ve decided to set monthly goals that will somewhat build on each other. The goal with this setup is that I will not get burnt out after the first month, and I won’t try to do too much at once (which will also lead to burnout).

I got inspiration for this setup from Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. I tried to do my own happiness project a couple of years ago, but it fell by the wayside as I began my last semester at Florida College while planning my wedding (although really, Mama and her two best friends did almost all the planning), and then I got married and moved to Romania.

I am hoping this year will be different. Things will always come up in life to make it more difficult, but hopefully I can stick to these goals of improving myself and serving God and others.

I have chosen my word for the year, and I will be posting about it in more detail later. My word to focus on this year is rest.

Here are my monthly goals for 2019:

January: Spirituality

February: Marriage

March: Simplicity

April: Friendship

May: Writing

June: Homemaking

July: Exploring

August: Organization

September: Reading

October: Family

November: Gratitude

December: Giving

Are you someone who sets New Year’s resolutions? What are your goals for 2019?