Adventures part one: Mae’s First Airplane Trip!

We have had quite the adventures the past couple of weeks!

To begin, poor Mae got sick. This is only the second time she has been sick enough to merit a visit to the doctor and it is always so pitiful and sad. She began running a high fever one night and it continued for a few days. I could tell she felt awful and it just hurt my heart 🙁

We spent lots of time just like this while Mae was sick

We were scheduled to leave for Florida on Thursday (January 16) for Sam to run a big race on Saturday, but I ended up taking Mae to the doctor on Thursday instead.

After MUCH debating we made the very hard decision that Sam would go by himself to the race in Florida and I would stay home with Mae. She was not in any condition to travel Thursday night and Sam needed to leave very early Friday morning.

I began looking at airplane tickets for Saturday, thinking if I found a good enough deal I could fly in and still be with Sam for part of his race, then drive back with him a few days later. Sam’s race was 100 miles, so he would be running all day!

But last-minute plane tickets can be astronomical and I wasn’t sure if we would be able to make it work.

Friday morning I called Sam to check on how his trip was going and Mama came into the kitchen with her laptop, asking if I still wanted to try to go be with Sam. Prices had changed overnight and she found one for about $100 dollars cheaper than what I had been looking at. And it left in a few hours.

Mae had already started taking antibiotics for bronchitis, so she was feeling much better and not running any fever. So we bought the ticket, packed, and left for the airport (which was 2 hours away) within an hour! 

We were even going to beat Sam there!

Mama parked at short-term parking so she could go inside the airport with me and help me check-in and get my bags all situated. I handed in my boarding pass and they asked for Mae’s birth certificate. Which I did not have.

I began to panic a bit inside as we explained that we didn’t know you had to have a birth certificate for a lap infant, but the workers were so kind. They asked if I had any proof of her birthday, like an insurance card or another source of id?

We finally got it all worked out, thanks to the extreme kindness of the workers at the counter. We said goodbye to Mama and headed to security, where again everyone showed us such kindness and offered to help in every way.

We made it to our gate! Mae was much more interested in eating snacks than taking a picture with me.

I’m not sure if everyone could tell how nervous I was to fly with a baby for the first time (and a somewhat sick baby at that!), but I am so thankful for how God watched over us and helped us through everything.

Mae did well on the flight, though she did tell me she was all done and kept pointing to the aisle. She nursed on the ascent and descent to avoid popping ears and took a mini nap and played with stickers in between.

Again, Mae was not too keen on taking a picture with me

My lovely sister-in-law picked us up from the airport and Sam met us at their house a couple of hours later.

It was a crazy day, but we were so happy and thankful to all be safe and in the same place!

Part two is coming soon!

Why I Journal

I began my first journal when I was ten years old. The idea of keeping a journal had always appealed to me, as I loved to write and notebooks, paper, and pens were a few of my favorite things.

I opened up a purple shimmery spiral-bound notebook from the dollar store, sharpened a pencil, and began to write. Once I started, I didn’t stop filling the pages with random happenings of the day, ways my siblings annoyed me, and stories, plans, and dreams covered the pages, transcribed in chunky, printed pencil letters.

I journal to remember

For years I kept my journals on and off, always filling them with girlish secrets and thoughts that filled my head, begging to be let out on the paper.

Over time my journal entries began to change. I filled the pages with less of my silly disappointments and secrets (life as a 13-15-year-old felt very tumultuous), and more with memories, I wanted to remember, prayers I prayed in my heart, and truths I was learning.

Although I cringe to read what I wrote in the earliest notebooks I filled, I am thankful for what they contain. I am grateful to see how I have grown and matured and what God has done in my life.

I especially love to go back and read my thoughts from my first semester of college, when I had so much uncertainty and fear. The entries are filled with doubts and worries, but they are also underlined with admiration and excitement. After I met Sam the first couple weeks of school, my journal began to be filled with everything he did and said, and prayers asking God what it all meant.

Now I look at my life and see the amazing way He answered those prayers!

I journal to think more clearly.

While it has gotten better as I’ve gotten older, I often find myself struggling to speak words when they would simply flow out on the page. Something seemed to click in my mind when I put pen to paper and my thoughts were unlocked.

I noticed this especially as Sam and I dated. He would ask me questions and opinions, and I felt I simply couldn’t answer. That night I would write all my thoughts and feelings on whatever subject about which we had spoken. Sometimes I would ask Sam to read whatever I had written.

Now, thankfully, I am much more able and comfortable to speak about certain things, but I still find that writing my thoughts provides much more clarity.

I journal as a discipline.

A few years ago (2011? 2012? I can’t remember) I had the goal of writing in my journal every single day. Some days I wrote only one sentence. Some days I wrote three pages. But I wrote every day, and it helped me form a habit.

Journaling is not beneficial to me every day that I do it, but overall it has been a helpful practice, sometimes the help just being the habit itself.

The reason this habit that I’ve had for nearly 12 years made it to my list of 20 goals for 2020 is that after Mae was born in 2018, I have not consistently journaled. My goal for this year is to journal all 366 days!

I will continue to journal for these reasons. I will continue to record what is happening in my life, from truths God is teaching me in His Word, to prayers and requests, to sweet memories of my family I never want to forget.

Do you keep a journal? How has it helped you?

20 for 2020

Twenty things. This year I have twenty goals, ranging from huge, year-long goals, to small one-day goals, and different achievements in between. Some are important, others are merely for fun. For all of them, I am excited!

In no particular order, here is my list for the year:

  1. Read the Bible in a year, in the historical order
  2. Keep our blog going
  3. Read 30 (or more!) books
  4. Declutter every room in our house
  5. Improve my handwriting
  6. Keep a journal consistently
  7. Send more snail mail + birthday cards
  8. Create a capsule wardrobe
  9. Have people in our house 24+ times
  10. Read more poetry
  11. Listen to more classical music
  12. Cook with Sam (and try new recipes together!)
  13. Have a successful vegetable garden
  14. Have a successful flower garden
  15. Learn how to make great bagels
  16. Do crafts with Mae
  17. Create/organize a craft area
  18. Make family books
  19. Work on renovating our house
  20. Play more piano

What are some goals you have for the new year?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while, but one of my goals for this new year is to revive our blog. Life is still as busy and crazy as ever (in a wonderful way), but I want to be more intentional about recording what goes on in our little family as we learn and grow together.

New Year Goals

My word for this year is peace. My goal is to make a conscious effort to grow closer to God and have His peace within me, no matter what happens, big or small. I want to be less stressed and not allow little things to get to me.

As a wife and mother I know I often set the tone for our home, and I want our home to be a place of peace, for Sam, our children, and anyone else who steps foot in our door.

It’s going to be a wonderful year!