A Brief Life Update

Hello readers! We have fallen a bit behind on blogging, but hopefully we will be back in the swing of things soon. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been up to much lately, but here’s what has been going on in our life the past couple of weeks!

This is a picture of us before setting out to run some errands. We both wore our backpacks this time because we had a lot of grocery shopping to do. Now that we live in Craiova the grocery store isn’t just five minutes away from our house! The nearest small store is about 12 minutes away, but if we need more than just apples or cabbage we walk to a bigger store a 20-30 minute walk away. Carrying back the groceries for such a long walk is much easier in backpacks!

Yesterday we went running errands again and Sam brought his GoPro that he got for Christmas. We want to record little everyday things, like walking around town, so we won’t forget.

Every week we have been traveling back to Severin to visit Sam’s parents. We have been going on Monday morning and returning Tuesday afternoon after lunch. We have enjoyed these visits so much! It is always so nice to visit together and get to relax a bit. Usually Sam will go around to see people or run errands and Sam’s Mom and I get to study together. We haven’t gotten to visit yet this week due to various reasons, but we plan to make the trip tomorrow!

Every Sunday and Tuesday night we meet to worship here in our apartment. I bring in chairs from all around the house and get out songbooks, Bibles, and prepare the Lord’s supper (on Sundays). We pray, sing (usually in Romanian, but sometimes in English too, depending on our visitors), and either Sam will give a sermon or lead a Bible study. Lately we have been having 2-3 visitors each time we meet and we are extremely encouraged right now about the work here.

This is one of my favorite hymns in Romanian, “Suntem fraČ›ilor pe cale.” It is the same tune as “O Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” which we actually sang at our wedding. The Romanian words translate a bit differently, but here is a very rough translation (hopefully you can understand the thoughts/ideas; it is quite hard to translate it word-for-word smoothly!):

We are, brothers, on the way

To the promised land.

God with his strong hand

He leads us as he said



Aleluia! Aleluia!

Let it resonate

Up to heaven to hear

That he rescued us.


Once we lived in sin,

But Jesus forgave us

And he showed us love

And forgave us all our sins


When we end this life,

God will receive us

He will then put us in the right

Where we will rest.




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