About Us

About Us

During a normal summer day in Bucharest, Romania, my 7 year-old self announced to the household “I am not going to stop pacing the hall until we return back home,… to the states!” I straightened my lip and paced for only a few moments. My three older brothers laughed and I soon found some beanie-babies to play with. I was immature. I didn’t understand the importance of my dad’s opportunity to evangelize. It took me awhile, 14 years to be more exact. With the progress, I now see the importance of the gospel of Jesus and see an opportunity in Romania to preach this gospel.

Throughout my childhood we moved many times, living in Illinois, New York, Romania, Ohio, and in Illinois again, chronologically respective. My dad preached and my mom homeschooled my three brothers and me. Though there is much to say about my family, even some comments appropriate for a brief introduction, I will save them for later blogs. I come from a God-fearing family who was raised in a protected environment.

I am thankful to call Jesus my Lord. Around the age of 21, I decided to preach full-time and so I went to Florida College in order to receive a conservative biblical education. This is where I gained a love for learning. And this is where I met Julie, my love. We met at cross country practices and I have been running after her ever since. I have run a few marathons and have run one ultramarathon. In some ensuing blogs we will describe our beginnings in detail. Not to spoil the stories too much but just know we ended up getting married. It was a great wedding. It is a great life and I am thankful to call Julie my wife. In our blogs I am looking forward to writing about evangelism, my wife, traveling, running, eating, and my God; all of these subjects will be written from my Christian worldview.

Julie and I have only been married for weeks and we are touring the States as I give reports on my last 9 months of evangelism in Romania. On the 24th of July, Julie and I will move to Severin, Romania to be missionaries. We are excited for the journey and for the blog. And we are excited to share the experience with you.
Sam Peters

Mississippi has been my home my entire life and I was always very much a homebody. I was the one who cried at camp when I was away from home for two nights, and I usually preferred just staying home with my family over going anywhere or doing just about anything. I would say that I was never leaving home for any reason; I was determined not to go to college or get married or ever, ever move away. But that was just my plan.

Having stated my desire to stay home, I guess it is somewhat obvious that I have a great family and I had a wonderful childhood. I was homeschooled by my amazing mother along with my four other siblings (one older sister, one younger sister, and two younger brothers). Daddy always had interesting working hours being a doctor, but he always found time to teach us, play with us, and do various activities with us. Mama taught me many lessons in hospitality and homemaking, and I have grown to love doing anything in the kitchen, as well as sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilting.

We began running together as a family when I was eight years old, and that remains to be a great common interest and activity for our family to do together. We have all been running ever since, including running cross country all through high school and college, and it was on the Florida College cross country team that I met Sam, my future husband. I completed my first marathon after I finished my last season of college cross country, and I hope to run another marathon in the future.

My parents’ dedication to God is the best thing they did for our family, and I was blessed to see Christ throughout my childhood. I made the decision myself to follow Christ several years ago, and it remains the most important decision of my life, and my goal is ever to do all that I do for Him and for His glory.

When I began attending Florida College I still was not sure I wanted to be so far from home, and I actually called Mama crying within the first month asking to go home. But being encouraged by Mama, my sister, and my roommate I made new friends and ended up staying and having a rich and wonderful experience for two years, graduating with my Associate of Arts degree in English. One of the new friends I made at the beginning of my first semester soon became my running partner and teammate, then my boyfriend, then my fiancé, and now my husband and my best friend.

I have gone from the homesick freshman that disliked being even a night away from home to the wife of a preacher working in Romania, who is about to move to Romania, and I am so happy and excited for this next adventure! I am thankful to call Sam my husband and I am not worried about being away from “home”, because I know “home” will be with him. God has blessed me beyond what I ever could have imagined. I am so thankful for what He has done in my life so far and I cannot wait to see what He does in our future!
Julie Peters