About Us

About Julie

My name is Julie, I’m married to Sam, Mama to Mae and one more on the way (gender is a surprise!), due in August 2020.

Sam and I got married June 3, 2017 and moved immediately to Romania where we spent a year as missionaries. We unexpectedly got pregnant six months after our wedding, so we moved back to the States after a year in Romania.

Now we are living in a lovely home in Mississippi, Sam is preaching at a small congregation and working at a healthcare company, and I am a full time homemaker and stay at home Mama to my little ones.

Welcome to our journey!

Peters Progress

When I began this blog everything was new. Not only was I new to blogging, we were new to marriage, living together, living in a different country, and we were learning to grow together through our many adventures in life. We created this blog to document our progress together as we learn new lessons about each other, the God who created us, and the world He created for us to live in.

I am not experienced or very old. I have not been married for multiple years, and I do not have several kids. I don’t know everything about homemaking, raising children, or living a simple, healthy lifestyle.

But I’m learning.

I want to use this space as a place to journal our journey as a family and as a way to share with others what I am learning about living a simple lifestyle, raising a family, hospitality, homemaking, and creative projects.