Casa Noastra (Our Home)

Recently I posted a question on Facebook asking what you all would like to read on our blog. Thank you so much to everyone who answered! We will try to write a post on each suggestion.

I know I posted several weeks ago that we found an apartment and I posted a few pictures, but here is an official “tour” of our home. We were so blessed to find this apartment. We found it quickly, it is bigger than we expected to find for our budget, and our landlord let us sign a contract for only three months.

The first couple of days after we signed our contract and began moving in were a bit overwhelming. We love our apartment, but it is pretty old and when we first moved in it was very dirty and there were several things we did not realize were broken. We went room by room, moved things around and scrubbed every surface, then we moved in our things. Now every time I clean I get things just a little cleaner than before. Also, we have been blessed with a great landlord who has been so prompt in repairing everything for us. Our first week we were almost constantly having repairmen at our house, but now everything works very well and we are thankful!

Our three month contract for this apartment will be up on November 3, and we have decided not to renew it. We have been thinking and praying about it for some time now, and we are going to move to Craiova, a city about two hours away from Severin. Before very long I hope to have another post to share with you about our new home!

Here is a tour of our home.

This is our hallway when you first come in the door. We live on the top floor of our apartment (third floor) in apartment nine.

Here is our living room/dining room/office! Sam uses the desk on one side and I sit at the table. All my things fit in a basket, so when we need to eat at the table I just move it somewhere else. This is where we eat when we have company, and a lot of the time Sam and I will also eat at this table if I’ve been cooking for a while and the kitchen is hot.

Here is our kitchen! I was prepared to have a tiny kitchen, but we were very blessed to find an apartment with a really nice-sized kitchen! I love cooking in it every day.

Here is our kitchen table we also eat at sometimes. When I took this picture a while back (not long after we moved in) Sam had just given me some flowers 🙂

I learned to cook in a nice kitchen with a gas stove, and I remember telling Mama I would have to get used to an electric one because I did not expect to have a gas stove any time soon! However, I am excited that our apartment has a nice gas stove! It does not have an electrical starter, so we keep a lighter in the cabinet above it. There is a big gas tank in the cabinet next to the stove, so whenever I want to cook or heat something I twist on the gas and light the stove. There is also a little door in the bottom of the oven that I open to light the fire in the bottom if I ever want to bake something. There is no temperature settings and I still haven’t gotten an oven thermometer yet, but so far I have been to bake potatoes, muffins, and bread with no problems!

I brought several little things over here that people have given me and they definitely help our apartment feel more homey! The towel on the oven was given to me by a a wonderful couple Sam and I stayed with as we traveled all over the place this summer. The apron (you can see it better in the first picture) was given to me by my best friends Cassie and Bailey, and Bailey also made me the potholders hanging to the left of the stove as a wedding present. Finally, the little embroidery hoop hanging above the sink was given to me by my sister Olivia. She made it for me for being in her wedding. It has little embroidered cacti and it says “Live Simply.”

Here is one last picture of our kitchen. I love the shelf above the sink where we keep everything in canisters, such as rice, beans, oatmeal, mamaliga, and coffee.

Here is our bedroom! My cousin gave us the “Peters” pillow as a wedding gift, so we used that to choose our bedding. Olivia painted us the picture hanging above our bed and gave it to us last year when Sam got to come visit during winter break. It is a tree that looks like it has a heart carved on it with “S+J” in the middle.

This is our home! We have enjoyed it so much, and I know it will always be special to us as our first apartment together.

~ Julie Peters


  1. Mom
    October 17, 2017

    What a great article. I love it! Your home is beautiful not only by how you have decorated but by all the love you share in it with others. I am so grateful for you both and all your hard work!!

  2. Henderson
    October 18, 2017

    very nice article and love the pictures

  3. Lesa Allen
    October 18, 2017

    What a nice “home” , love the high ceilings, wood floors. Just fill it with love!

  4. Cojocaru Cornelia
    October 18, 2017

    Dear family ,is so nice your home!And You are the same !

  5. Grace
    October 21, 2017

    Love it. It is perfect for you two and I’m so happy for all the memories you two have created there.


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