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Baby A Week in Our Life

A Week in Our Life

I have had several people tell me they are curious about what our normal lives look like here in Romania. Here is an overview of a week in our lives as missionaries in Craiova, Romania! Sunday On the train to Severin When we took our trip to England a few weeks ago we left our …

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By Julie Date Nights

Date Nights

Sam and I moved to Romania after we had been married slightly less than two months. Not long after that Sam suggested that we have a date night once a week. We spent most of the day together, but it was spent attending various studies and events or studying on our own at home. Since …

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By Julie Our Trip to England

Our Trip to England

On our way to England! Last year in October, when I was in the process of obtaining my long-term visa for Romania we ran into a couple of problems. There were some papers I needed and it seemed as if one thing kept coming up after another and I was not sure if I would …

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Baby Living My Dream

Living My Dream

Sometimes I cry. A lot. Almost every day. Sometimes I ask myself again and again what I am doing, because sometimes I have no idea. Sometimes I feel stuck in the middle of stress and there’s nothing I can do. At these times I have to slow down, stop, and remind myself that this is …

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Baby My Word of the Year and an Exciting Announcement!

My Word of the Year and an Exciting Announcement!

Unlike many others, I have never chosen a word for the year, a word to focus on and grow with. I have never had a word to stand out to me as a single word that can sum up what I want to focus on for the year. I love to write, and often I …

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By Julie A Brief Life Update

A Brief Life Update

Hello readers! We have fallen a bit behind on blogging, but hopefully we will be back in the swing of things soon. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been up to much lately, but here’s what has been going on in our life the past couple of weeks! This is a picture of us before setting …

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By Julie European Eating Adventure: Albania

European Eating Adventure: Albania

This year Sam and I have the goal of cooking and eating a meal from every country in Europe. There are 51 countries in Europe, which would match up for us to cook one country’s meal a week. While we would love to get in all 51 in 2018, I know life will interfere and …

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By Julie Sarmale Casserole

Sarmale Casserole

Sarmale is a quintessential Romanian food, made of a mixture of sausage, rice, and veggies wrapped in pickled cabbage. I have yet to try “real” traditional sarmale, but I make this casserole version of it almost every week. On our recent trip home I made my family a somewhat traditional Romanian meal, including two different …

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By Julie What We’ve Been Doing Lately

What We’ve Been Doing Lately

On December 13 we began our journey back home for the holidays! I had been counting down the days for a long time and we were both so excited. Our journey began by driving five hours to Belgrade, Serbia on Thursday to be ready to fly out early Friday morning. On the way there we …

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By Julie Six Months

Six Months

Six months ago I put on a white dress. Then some pretty music played and I took my Daddy’s arm and walked down an aisle. Then I made the second most important commitment of my life to the most important person in my life. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” Sam told me today. In …

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