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Romanian Life Do You Like Romania?

Do You Like Romania?

“Îți place România?” “Do you like Romania?” I think this is the question I have been asked the most ever since I moved to Romania a little over a month ago. The questions that almost always follow are “Is it different?” and “Is it hard?” My answer to all three questions, simply, is yes. It …

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Romanian Life Getting Settled

Getting Settled

My first night in Romania was very overwhelming for me. I had just traveled for nearly two days, and I was exhausted, far away from home, and in a completely new and different place. I am not completely through the transition stage yet, having only been here for two weeks, but I already feel much …

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Romanian Life The Next Chapter of our Journey

The Next Chapter of our Journey

The first seven weeks of our marriage were wonderful. We traveled all over the place for Sam to preach and share the work in Romania on the weekends, visiting and meeting countless brothers and sisters in Christ everywhere we went. During the week we lived at my parent’s house, spending time with my family, having …

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