Date Nights

Sam and I moved to Romania after we had been married slightly less than two months. Not long after that Sam suggested that we have a date night once a week. We spent most of the day together, but it was spent attending various studies and events or studying on our own at home. Since we were together basically all the time (I did absolutely nothing by myself for a long time after we moved to Romania!) we did not set aside a specific time to just be together and talk about whatever. I think we both felt like we could talk to each other whenever we wanted to, but we discovered that without setting a particular time we were less likely to get into either deep conversations or just light, fun conversations.

We have not been completely consistent every week, but we typically try to have one date night a week and it is usually on Monday. While these special times are definitely not the only times we ever relax together or get to talk about things on our mind, it is a perfect time for us to do so and I look forward to them every week.

We have our favorite activities that we tend to revisit every few weeks, but we have tried several different things that we enjoy. We also have a list of things we would like to do someday! I know in a few months a date night will be more difficult when we have a small baby, but we plan to get creative and come up with new ideas 🙂

Here are some of the different date nights we have had:

When we lived in Severin we liked to go for a walk and watch the fountains in the city center.

For one date night we made cozonac together to give to some friends!

Our most common date night used to be stopping by a small convenience store to get espresso and going for a walk around the city.

For one date night we decorated our apartment for Christmas!

One of our more recent date nights was going ice skating in the Craiova city center. This was a lot of fun, and I was extremely impressed and how well Sam could skate! My goal was only not to fall (and I didn’t!).

Sometimes our date nights are just staying in the apartment and watching a movie together. In this picture I made crepes (Sam’s favorite dessert) and we watched one of Sam’s favorite movies for his birthday. Sometimes we make homemade pizza together or order it from the pizza place across the street from us.

Last night we walked into the center of Craiova and ate dinner at a Romanian restaurant. Afterwards we walked to the mall and did a bit of shopping for baby clothes!

What about you? What are your favorite date night ideas?


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