Disney with a Baby: 6 Tips

Earlier this month Sam, Mae, and I went on a trip to Disney world with my family and three other families. We had a party of 25! It was an adventure; exhausting, but so fun and filled with memories.

This was my first (and perhaps last!) trip with a baby, so I am by no means an expert. However, here are a few tips I learned from our time at Disney with a four-month-old baby.

1. Go with family!

Or at least with other people you are close to. There is no way I would have survived without all the help of my family and the other friends we went with. They helped so much with holding and entertaining Mae, and watching her so Sam and I could do some things together that Mae could not do. If it weren’t for them the trip would not have been worth it!

2. Make sure to do the things baby can do

I took Mae to get her picture made with characters, we watched shows, and went on rides without a height limit. I tried to stay out of rides and shows that would be too overwhelming for her, but she really enjoyed looking at all the lights and sights. The first thing she went to was Country Bear Jamboree and she was mesmerized! I absolutely loved looking at her face. We also did Buzz Lightyear (Mama held her), It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean (which I would not have done again had I remembered what the ride was like!), and Winnie the Pooh.

Mae also just loved walking around and looking at everything. She smiled, talked, and laughed all day and slept so well at night. She got scared and started crying in one show (the Nemo show at Epcot), but it was just because it was loud and she was tired.

I never realized how loud things were until Mae was there! Overall I think we were able to make good judgement on what to bring her into and she loved it.


3. For things baby can’t do, use rider swap

For the rides with a height requirement we used the rider swap. Before the rest of your party gets in line you scan your magic band or Disney card along with two other people, then go wait while your party waits in line and rides the ride. Then, you can go through the fast pass line (much faster!) with the two people who also scanned. This way I was able to do just about any ride and I didn’t have to do it by myself. If we had fast passes already we were usually able to split up the group or there was someone who didn’t want to ride to watch Mae, and other than that we used the rider swap.

4. Bring a stroller

Mae did not ride in her stroller much, but it was so nice to have to put all our food and baby gear in. It was also nice for the few times she was happy enough to ride in, or for when she would take a nap reclined in the seat. It was a little troublesome to park the stroller several times during the day, but overall it was worth it.

5. Find a good nursing cover so you can feed anywhere!

I brought a cover that a dear friend made for me, but it was much like this one. This was the best thing ever! It was so easy to use and I really fed Mae all over Disney. I fed her on benches, on the ground, on rocks, in restaurants, in shows, on a ride, and once even in line! This cover made it so nice because I could see her at all times thanks to the plastic tubing in the top, but I was always totally covered to everyone else. It was heavy enough that it was not see-through, but light enough that I didn’t feel like Mae was suffocating.

6. Packing Tips

Each day I packed more diapers than I thought I would need, and at least three outfits. I also had baby sunscreen and a bottle in case of emergency. I didn’t want to get caught somewhere without Mae and her get too hungry, so I had a bottle with boiled water in it and a bottle with formula powder. Thankfully we never had to use it, but I felt better having it there!

Other necessities we packed were water bottles to refill, meals (we packed pb and banana sandwiches, baked potatoes, and hummus each day) and plenty of snacks. Between walking all over the place and nursing all day I felt like I was constantly hungry! We made sure we had plenty of homemade granola bars, apples, oranges, carrots, and pretzels for snacks.

I’m sure there are things I could have done differently to make things easier, but this is what we did that worked for us! We are so thankful for this experience and all the memories at the most magical place on earth.

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  1. Mom Peters
    January 22, 2019

    Wow that sounds like you had a really good time. How wonderful. I’m so glad it worked so well for you and it sounds like she enjoyed it so much!


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