Encouragement and Evangelism

“If you’re discouraged, go pass out some flyers. It is so encouraging to spread the gospel and work for God.” As Sam gave reports to congregations in America this summer he exhorted the brethren to find encouragement by working for God. Although I have not necessarily been discouraged lately, I have recently been encouraged by the spreading of God’s good news and the work done for Him in Romania.

Four evangelists from America made a two-week trip to Romania earlier this month and we were blessed to spend one of the weeks with them. It was a crazy, busy, absolutely full week. By the end of the week we were exhausted, but extremely encouraged.

Monday night the men arrived from Constanta, Romania, to Drobeta-Turnu Severin. We all met that night to share a meal, fellowship, and fold hundreds of flyers about the gospel. It was a wonderful, relaxing way to begin the week.

Folding Flyers for Brasov

The men spent Tuesday morning passing out invitations for the Gospel meeting that evening. I spent Tuesday morning cleaning our apartment and cooking lots of food for everyone to come over for lunch. All the preparation was worth it to have our living room full of people, sitting wherever they could find a seat, eating and enjoying one another’s company together.

The Gospel meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday night was successful, with many visitors, a full church building, and two great lessons each night.

We had a full building each evening!

We have continued to study Acts every Wednesday, and this Wednesday was no different. It was encouraging to have a larger group for the study and discussion!

Acts Study

Thursday morning two evangelists, one translator, and Sam’s parents began the long trip to Brasov where they spent two days passing out flyers, talking to people, and having a Bible study each night. The other two evangelists joined Sam and I in Craiova where we did the same thing.

On the way to Craiova

In preparation Sam and I had made several trips to Craiova, securing a room for the studies, passing out flyers, getting an ad in the newspaper, and putting up several posters.

“Would you like a flyer?”- Eugene and Sorin

The study was set to begin at 6:00 p.m. and at 5:55 we were still all standing outside, waiting for anyone to come. Trying not to be discouraged, we simply said we had done all we could do, and whether or not any visitors came we would still have a study. However, at 5:58 a woman walked up and asked where the study was. Soon after we began the study six more people walked in, and we were able to meet, talk to, and get contact information from most of them.

Taking a Little Break

Evening Study

We spent Friday in a similar manner; walking around the city passing out flyers and talking to people. That night we had five visitors, who were all different from the previous night. Again, we had two great lessons from God’s word and gained new contacts from people interested in the gospel.

Sunday morning all the evangelists split up to preach at different nearby villages and the church in Severin. Sam and I went with one of the men to the village of Lac. I had actually never been to a village before, so it was a neat experience and I’m thankful I got to go. Afterwards we enjoyed an authentic Romanian meal, then returned to Severin for services that evening.

The Congregation at Lac

Romanian Lunch

As I mentioned in the previous post, Sam and I are planning prayerfully to move to Craiova in about two weeks. Last year when Sam was facing some discouragement here in Severin he began doing some work in Craiova. To his knowledge there was not a faithful church in the city of approximately 300,000 people. Slowly the work turned into regular bi-weekly trips to have a Bible study in a local library on the gospel of Luke. Due to various circumstances and the way the work was going in Craiova, when Sam and I first arrived in Romania together we talked about moving to Craiova in the near future. We began advertising more and making more frequent visits, planning to move there in January after we return from visiting the States for Sam’s brother’s wedding. As the work continued to progress in Craiova and our current apartment contract was about to be finished, we made the decision to move next month instead.

These visits and studies have been extremely encouraging to us and we are excited to move and continue the work in Craiova. We understand that it will be difficult to move away from Sam’s parents and the familiarity of Severin, and try to start a new work from scratch, but we will only be two hours away from Severin and able to visit often, probably even once a week. With God’s help and wisdom and advice from others we are ready to begin this next step in our journey.


  1. Becky Cawthon
    October 24, 2017

    Praying fir this new chapter in Romania and the work there. I love and appreciate you both.

  2. Mom
    October 25, 2017

    Such encouraging thoughts about the work here in Romania. You both are such an encouragement to us. May God be glorified in all your efforts. I’m just so grateful you won’t be too far away. 😉


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