Evangelism in Romania: Events

 Earlier this year in May Sam and his dad planned, studied, passed out flyers, hung up posters, advertised, and rented a room at a recreational center in downtown Craiova for two nights for a lectureship on the resurrection.

Sam giving a lecture on the resurrection

The event took a lot of time, planning, and effort, but it was worth it when we had 6-7 new visitors each night, some of whom became contacts interested in further study.

The only downside to the two-night event was that there was some miscommunication and the room Sam rented and got a contract for was not available either night. Since we were forced to use a less-ideal room both nights, even though we had paid for another room, we were allowed one more night a month later for free.

Again, Sam and his dad began studying and preparing lectures for this one night event titled “The Story of the Bible in 80 minutes.” I designed posters to advertise on Facebook, and both Sam and Dad passed out thousands of flyers and talked to many people.

This is the poster I designed for Facebook and to hang up at the piata

Dad also went to the big piata in Craiova (something similar to a huge farmer’s market) to see about hanging up posters in the high-traffic area. When Sam asked before they said the policy was 1 leu per poster per day, with a minimum of 30 days. Unfortunately the process ended up being much more involved than anticipated, and it looked like the president of our association (the organization that allows us to get a long term visa and stay for more than 90 days in Romania) would have to drive two hours from Severin to sign a paper before the posters could be hung. Thankfully, the piata director’s son talked him into allowing us to put up the posters without all the paperwork, for free!

The night of the event arrived dreary, windy, and rainy. We did not want to be pessimistic, but I wondered if anyone would show up because of the weather.

Our great friend and translator, Eugen, and Dad doing the lecture on the New Testament

However, we had seven guests, which is an impressive and encouraging number! One visitor was Sam’s parent’s 93 year old neighbor. Another man came straight from the piata, carrying the eggs he had just purchased. Other visitors were people we had met before or curious people who had received a flyer or seen a poster.

Some of our visitors

The result was an extremely encouraging night, with new contacts and potential new opportunities to study and share the gospel with others. It was a wonderful way to end our time in Craiova for the time being.



  1. Mom Peters
    July 3, 2018

    I always enjoy your reports. They are always so encouraging. Thank you for doing this and all the encouragement you have been to me.

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