February Goals

Happy February!

I am a few days late posting about my February goals, but I have already been trying to implement them.

This month’s focus is Marriage. I thought February was a good month to focus on marriage because after my relationship with God, my relationship with my husband is the most important. I focused on establishing habits with God during January, and now I will focus on establishing habits with my husband, continuing what I began in January. Another reason I thought February was appropriate is because Sam’s birthday was yesterday, on the fourth, and Valentine’s Day is later this month.

My goals for this month include reading books on marriage, studying Ephesians 5 (I am still studying Ephesians through this month and chapter five is where I am now!), and doing various other things I have planned to strengthen my relationship with Sam.

Sam’s Birthday

Sam had an “adult birthday,” but I think it was a good one. I gave him one gift the night before, and on his birthday he had to go out of town for work. Thankfully he was actually able to get home early, so we went on a family run when he got back. This was our second time to run with Mae in the jogging stroller and we loved it! I am so thankful we get to run together again.

When we got done running I heated up the falafel I had made earlier for dinner. We had pitas, falafel, oven fries, tzatiki sauce, and toppings for the falafel for dinner. For birthday dessert we had banana ice cream.

We finished the night after Mae went to bed watching a documentary on Hannah Arendt, but we did not finish it because we were both exhausted and falling asleep.

I am so thankful for Sam and all he has done for me and so many others. He has been a huge blessing to so many the past 26 years and I pray he will have many more years to continue to bless others!

What are your February goals?

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  1. Mom Peters
    February 6, 2019

    Another really good article about goals for us all to think about. I have a few goals that I want to work on. I have a few things to study in my personal studies and get back to reading some books I have not finished since we are now settled in our apartment. Thank you for your encouragement in all this.


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