Getting Ready for Christmas part 2

Our next part of getting ready for Christmas is decorating!

We are keeping it pretty simple for many reasons, but I think our home has just the right amount of “Christmas” to feel festive and pretty. One reason is time, of course, and it will be nice in January to only have a few things to put away.

I love Christmas decorations, and one of my favorite Christmas decoration items is nutcrackers. (It is also on my bucket list to see the Nutcracker ballet someday!) Over the past couple of years my family has given me a number of nutcrackers to put in my own home someday, and I was so excited to use them all this year.

My younger sister Leah hand painted this nutcracker! She gave it to Sam last year for Christmas, and this year I have it set up on the shelf by the sink. It makes me happy when I wash dishes!

This is one of several nutcracker ornaments we have 🙂

Sam and I were blessed to receive a huge, very nice Christmas tree from some dear friends. They had a relative who was trying to get rid of it, and they said they immediately thought of us. We gratefully accepted it and put it in the room with the highest ceiling, and we still had to bend over the top a bit, but it is beautiful and we love it. Mae’s sweet stocking

Mine and Sam’s stockings we got last year from Romania

Last Friday night we turned on Christmas music, made coffee (our favorite drink!) and I defrosted banana bread from the freezer. It only took us about half an hour to put around our little decorations and trim the tree, which was perfect for Mae. She only wanted to be held, so I just went around with her in one arm and we decorated together.

What is your favorite Christmas thing?


  1. Mom Peters
    December 6, 2018

    My family for sure. We love your tree 🌲. It is beautiful! We love and miss you!

    1. Julie Peters
      December 10, 2018

      Thank you! We love it too.
      Family is definitely the best, and we miss you a lot!!

  2. Jill
    December 20, 2018

    Oh this is all so sweet to see! All so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing!


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