Getting Ready for Christmas

Every year Mama does a series of blog posts about Christmas prep and organizing, so I decided to take the idea from her and do a series here as well.

I am actually one of those people who will start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving (this year I started the day after Halloween!), and we haven’t decorated for Christmas yet, but I would be okay if we did before Thanksgiving. However, I still LOVE Thanksgiving and it is one of my favorite holidays! I just also love Christmas. I am thankful for Christmas!

So far this year I have made a Christmas gift list, bought/made a few gifts, ordered Christmas cards, and made a list for Christmas goodies to make.

Christmas Gifts

I made a spreadsheet with three columns, with the names of everyone we are giving gifts to, a column for the gift, and the final column is for me to check off once I have bought or made it. I got this idea from Mama too!

So far I have listed all the people we would like to get gifts for, and I made a few gifts before Mae was born. I try to collect gifts throughout the year to cut down on buying so much in one month, but I usually only end up with a few, and this year was no different. However, we do budget for gifts every month of the year, so if I don’t buy them early it just builds up so I have more to work with.

I have a list of items I would like to buy for people, but I am waiting until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if I can get any deals on them. I will be doing 99% online shopping this year with a baby! If I don’t get any deals, then I can buy them after.

Anything I have ordered so far I’ve had shipped to Mama’s house, because I plan on wrapping all my gifts there (enlisting the help of my crafty sister Leah), and since we plan on spending Christmas at their house, most of the gifts will end up staying there.

Christmas Goodies

Growing up we always set aside 2-3 days to do a massive amount of Christmas baking with our tried and true set of recipes that Mama has gathered over the years. We also usually try one or two new recipes. This is one of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions because we spend all day together, and baking is one of my favorite things to do.

We package all the goodies up in tins and plates and give them to our church family, friends, and several people of service around us, such as the mail lady, our car mechanic, or repair man.

This year I am going to join Mama again for Christmas baking, and this year I have my own list. I have a couple new recipes I’d like to try and I’ll contribute some ingredients. We will make even huger batches and package them all up for our friends and family.

Christmas Cards

One Sunday afternoon we were in nice clothes and Mae was happy, so we went outside and Mama took pictures of our family, so that is what I ended up using for our card.

I ordered them very early (I ordered them a few weeks ago) because we want to send several to friends and family in Romania, and Romanian mail is very unpredictable!

That is all I’ve done so far. What have you done to prepare for Christmas? Or do you begin everything after Thanksgiving?

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  1. Jill
    November 20, 2018

    Hi Julie!
    Oh I’ve liked your Mom’s Christmas posts too! And the baking day will be a great time for you girls to make memories 🙂
    One thing my children have enjoyed is the little Christmas ornaments I made with them…even as babies. A little green hand print…or even just a little green finger print with a painted yellow star on top. They are not fancy but as sweet as can be!
    – Jill


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