It’s the Little Things

Walking to the grocery store was so much more fun with everyone together!

We immensely enjoyed my family’s visit last week and we were sad to see them go. Please read Mama’s blog for a thorough, day-by-day report of all the adventures we had while they were here!

The last night before they left for the Bucharest airport, Sam asked everyone what their favorite part of the visit to Romania was. Some of them mentioned the trip to Brasov or the trail race there, but everyone mentioned something little they enjoyed as well. They all mentioned something normal, everyday, “not exciting.”

“Walking to the Center.”

“Doing laundry with the new clothes line.” (Daddy bought the supplies and put me up a clothes line! The clothes dry SO much faster than on my drying rack inside)

“Weighing vegetables at the grocery store.”

“Just being here together.”

That was my favorite too. Just being together. Whether we were walking around town, going to the grocery store, or cleaning the apartment, it was all better together.

Sisters and Starbucks 🙂

We don’t always have to do huge or exciting things with those that we love. Actually, sometimes the best thing we can do is just be together. Simply.

That is one of the things I love about being married. We don’t have to think up different ways to be together; we just get to live together every day. I love being able to cook for Sam and do his laundry, and I love sitting down every morning to eat breakfast together. I love walking to the store together or studying side by side. It’s the little things.

Crazy adventures are so much fun and can do a lot to build relationships, but I think it is even more important to focus on every day, little things. If you get excited about little things in life and relationships, life will be full of joy and excitement.

What are your favorite “little things”?

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  1. Sherry
    May 29, 2018

    Riding the golf cart with Hunter, Rollins, Blake and Briley to go swing at Uncle Paul’s🤗


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