January Goals and Word of the Year

2019 Word of the Year

My word for 2019 is rest.

This year I want to rest in God.

I want to rest and focus on my relationship with my husband.

I want to rest and focus on my relationship with my daughter, family, friends, and other people.

I want to rest, slow down, and focus. In order to focus on relationships.

In Genesis chapter two God establishes the Sabbath as He rested on the seventh day. Throughout the Old Testament God’s people were to rest on the seventh day as well, but it was not merely a day to rest physically and refrain from exerting oneself, but it was a day to give everything to God, to trust in Him to provide, and cultivate one’s relationship with Him.

Of course today we no longer have the command to keep the Sabbath day as the Israelites did, but we are still called to give everything to God, trust in Him, and grow in our relationship with Him. This is hard to do if I am constantly going, constantly busy, constantly distracted. Relationships take time, effort, and rest.

This year I want to slow down and take time away from all the busyness and craziness of life to rest with God first, and also rest with Sam, Mae, family, friends, and those around me. It will take focus and intentionality, but it will all be more than worth it.

January Goals

My focus for January is spirituality. I want to focus on establishing spiritual habits to continue throughout the year. These goals include: Bible study, prayer, and memory work.

Bible Study

Thanks to the idea from a dear friend of mine, I am going to focus on a different book each month. January is Ephesians, and February is I Peter. I have not decided on the rest of the books yet, but I plan on choosing shorter books, such as the epistles. I have a schedule of different ways to study the book, and the goal is by the end of the month to have a good grasp on what the book is about, be able to tell someone else about it, and apply what I learned to my life. The different ways include reading in different translations, writing the book, doing the inductive study method on each chapter, outlining and diagramming the book, and finding themes, applications, and writing a summary of the whole book.

So far I have each day of January planned out for studying Ephesians. If it works well, I’ll use a similar structure for I Peter.  If something doesn’t work for me, I’ll tweak it for the next month.


Prayer is something I constantly struggle with and constantly seek improvement with. Consistency and focus are the main things I want to improve on.

My freshman year of college I attended a little workshop, led by someone I greatly admire, on creating and using a prayer binder. I put a lot of work into making one and I used it for a while. I would get out of the habit, then go back to using it and I always found that my prayers were more focused and I was able to stay in the habit of praying more easily.

When I returned to Romania last January after a two week visit I accidentally left my prayer binder in the States and I was so sad! I should have just made a new one, but I didn’t and I haven’t really used it since. Now I have it back but so many things have changed in my life, so I am working on redoing it. I plan on posting about it in the future, so that will keep me accountable to finish it!

Memory Work

Growing up we memorized countless verses and passages together as a family. Each morning before we started school we had a Bible lesson, where we worked on memory verses and studied a portion of the Bible together. When I left for FC Mama copied each verse into a notebook for me to review and remember.

I am sad to say that I did not review them as much as I should have, and now several of the verses are quite fuzzy. I am working on a memory box to help me re-memorize the verses (which I’m hoping will be quick the second time!) and I hope to add new verses and passages this year. I also plan on doing a post on the memory box soon.

So, my goals to focus on for January are to work on being consistent and forming habits with Bible study, prayer, and memory work.

What are your spiritual goals for 2019?

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  1. Mom Peters
    January 15, 2019

    I love all your blogs and they inspire me to do better. I love the way you are going through each book and studying it. My goal is to read the chronological Bible and then do it in Romanian. This helps me to focus on different things than I would by just reading it. Then I can understand better in worship what is being said. 😉


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