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I’m writing this post as we are flying over New York heading to London. Julie is sleeping beside me. I have been wanting to write a post for a while now but I am just now getting time to write it. I want to write a little bit about the reason for Julie’s and my blog. We hope it informs, enriches, and encourages you.

I’m trying to work on my relationships and blogging will help me in this. A modest goal we have for this blog is to keep family and friends informed. As I would characterize myself as an obliger, one who needs accountability, I need the blog to keep me accountable to write consistently for I hold myself accountable to the expectation of others. So let me begin your expectation. Julie and I plan to have a new blog every Tuesday (save today). This accountability will help me towards my bigger goal of continuing my relationship with friends and family. And as I see it, sharing in a relationship is the purpose of life.

A more ambitious goal of this blog is to add perspective. Adding perspective enriches lives and I have come to realize this recently. As a newlywed, I’m thankful for Julie’s added perspective for it surely enriches me. Right now I’m feeling a mixture of emotions. This mixture of emotions is due not only to the contrary emotions with me but also from seeing Julie’s emotions. Though I don’t enjoy goodbyes, I don’t dislike them as much as Julie does. Before this past week, I have seen Julie cry only twice, once after running a marathon and the another time during a stressful period in our relationship. But this week I have seen her cry more than a few times. Seeing her love and affection for family and friends has given me a new, and may I say a better perspective. For I don’t believe all perspectives are equal. As Julie has a more central perspective of family, I think it is a healthier one than my own and I’m thankful for this.

On perspectives, they aid understanding; they enrich us. The person who sees the whole elephant understands the trunk better than one who is blind to the rest of the elephant. It is true that my understanding of English was never so enriched than when I started learning a different language, Greek. My understanding of American culture has never been so enriched than when I moved to Romania. And my understanding of loving others has surely been enriched by seeing Julie love her family. As Julie blogs in order to narrate our journey, I hope to compliment her blogs by offering my perspective. I trust your understandings will be enriched as you read.

I hope our blog encourages you. I will work to write true things about life and write them from my own perspective and more so I will write them for a better perspective. I write not from a better perspective as much as I write for a better perspective. I have not attained perfection. As Julie and I love to eat and run and study about it, we hope our writings help you live healthfully. We also enjoy reading and studying various things, such as language learning, productivity, and marriage, and in these we encourage you to life fully. Lastly and most of all, I hope you are encouraged to take God seriously. At times we will write spiritually and theologically, as a botanist has her way of writing about flowers. This is a blog about our life; it is our flower. Please enjoy it and gain from it when you can. This is our hope. – Sam Peters

8 thoughts on “On Blogging

  1. It will be wonderful to share your journey Sam and Julie.. May God bless and be with you and your precious bride. 💜

  2. Thank you both for sharing you words, thoughts and lives. God bless you both, your travels, and your work.

  3. I just came across this on my news feed. I definitely want to make sure I read your weekly blogs/posts. In so many ways, your telling of your journey brings back so many memories from almost 25 years ago. I’m so glad that you are able to share this journey of yours with all of us. And Rick and I will pray for God’s blessings to be with you as you do His work in your new home away from home.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Candy, for keeping up with our journey and for the prayers. I hope you can relive your experience through us. I miss you!

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