Our Little Sunshine

“Mae, say mmmma-ma. Can you say ma-ma?” She just gives me a cheesy grin. “Da-da-da!”

“Say ma-ma-ma!” Again the sweet grin with upturned eye, her eyelashes nearly touching her eyebrows. She refuses to make a noise. As soon as I turn around I hear her sweet voice: “da-da-da! Ga-ga!”

She babbles all day long, and even though she won’t say “mama,” I think it’s the sweetest noise in the world.

Mae is growing so fast, so I thought it might be time for another Mae update.

Mae is doing great in the world of eating solids! I puree most of her foods, but she is getting started with finger foods as well. So far her favorites are toast, cantaloupe, and cucumber. She will eat just about anything if I feed it to her from my own fork! It is funny how she will act like she isn’t hungry when I give her something from her plastic baby spoon, but she will gobble up the same food from my fork, especially if I let her sit in my lap instead of the high chair.

She also loves smoothies! She will drink from a cup or from a straw. Again, these are her preferences over a baby spoon 😉

Mae is quite an active baby. She can move all across a room, though perhaps not in the most efficient way. She is so close to crawling. She hasn’t figured out the proper coordination with both of her legs, but I keep saying she’ll figure it out any day now. She certainly gets closer and closer every day.

She is busy all the time, but sometimes I still get precious moments like this when she sleeps on me. Mae has the sweetest personality and she is already so loving, joyful, and generous (she’ll try to put whatever toy she’s been chewing on in my mouth to share). She’s growing too fast, but it is such a delight to watch her grow and develop.

She’s our little sunshine girl!

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  1. Mom Peters
    June 2, 2019

    She is just so precious! I can’t wait to see her. She’s is growing so fast.


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