Our Morning Routine

Although all our days are all looking the same, no two days are ever exactly the same. We have loose routines we follow most days, but how our days actually look depend so much on sleep, the weather, Mae’s attitude, and many, many other things.

Right now we have a loose routine that works well for us. It has changed with the current shelter-in-place orders, and it will change again when we welcome the next addition to our family.

Our current morning routine consists of Bible/reading/prayer time, exercise, breakfast, garden, and chores. The order changes slightly each day, but we follow a rough schedule each morning.


My ideal morning would be to wake up an hour before Mae and have plenty of time to sit down with a cup of coffee and my Bible and journals. Some mornings everything works out and it is lovely, but many mornings I either wake up with Mae, or she wakes up shortly after I do, when I am barely into my study time.

When Mae does wake up before I am done with my study routine, we always cuddle for a few minutes (she likes to take her time to wake up), and when she is ready I’ll get a stack of books or a few quiet toys for her. She sits quietly (most of the time) next to me and reads or plays.


Continuing my ideal morning, I would love to always exercise before breakfast. However, it depends largely on how much sleep I got the night before, when Mae wakes up, and what the weather is like.

Running is my choice exercise, but right now I am not able to run as much as I would like. I currently have the goal of running three times a week, 3-4 miles each time, and I am no longer able to run 3-4 miles straight through! I do a run/walk, usually running for 5 minutes and walking for 1-2 minutes. Other days I walk to get my daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Mae rides in her stroller, and thankfully she loves it! She always picks out a toy or two to bring along, and if she is hungry a snack. She has memorized which houses have flowers and which ones have dogs, and she loves pointing them out.

Some days I also do prenatal yoga or other prenatal workout videos from GlowBody PT. Her whole prenatal plan is free on YouTube!


I like to get out in the garden after exercising because I’m already sweaty and dirty. Depending on the day we might just go walk around and check on all the plants and spend just a few minutes, or we might spend an hour weeding and watering as well.

Mae loves being outside for any reason, so she is perfectly content to wander and play around while I work! Of course she helps as well. She has her own watering can and she brings it to be periodically to ask for more water to sprinkle on the plants. If she isn’t watering, she’s digging and making piles of dirt.


We eat pretty much the same thing every day for breakfast: oatmeal. I always like to include some fruit, such as apple, banana, or blueberries, and we all love peanut butter in our oatmeal! Mae and I sit at the table and eat together most days, and that’s when we do our Bible and memory verse time.

I use The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes for Mae’s Bible, and I’ll read at least a page to her during breakfast. She loves it and asks for “more Bible” again and again, so we usually end up reading three or four pages most days.

The memory verses are more for myself at this point, but Mae still enjoys it and asks to do them again and again. Growing up we memorized several verses and passages as a family, and Mama wrote them all in a journal for me when I left for college. I have written all these verses on index cards and put them in a box to review a few every day. Reciting them out loud is helpful for me, and I hope if I do them enough with Mae she will begin to retain some of it.

Mama has a whole post about a scripture memory box you can read on her blog. This is what I have made for our family.


After breakfast we do whatever chores need to be done for the day. We do things like making up the bed and unloading the dishwasher daily, and Mae “helps” with both. I try to start a load of laundry every morning as well.
I try to stick to a schedule for cleaning the house in a week, and I loosely use Clean Mama’s weekly cleaning routine. Some days I do meal prep or other kitchen tasks, and some days there are just particular chores that need to be done. I try to make a list of all the chores we need to do in the morning with my Bible and journal time, but sometimes we just do whatever comes to mind for that day.

The order might change, but that is roughly what we do every morning! Saturday and Sunday mornings usually look different, but not by much.

Do you have a morning routine you like to stick to? What does it look like for you?


  1. Mama Johnson
    May 22, 2020

    I loved reading about your morning routine. It is lovely! I love routines myself, as you know. Thank you for sharing the pictures of sweet Mae to illustrate your day. 🙂
    Love you!

  2. Mom Peters
    May 22, 2020

    What special memories you are making. She is learning so much at this age and I love all the pictures. What a blessing you are to us all. 😇👵🏼


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