Our Trip to England

On our way to England!

Last year in October, when I was in the process of obtaining my long-term visa for Romania we ran into a couple of problems. There were some papers I needed and it seemed as if one thing kept coming up after another and I was not sure if I would be able to get my visa before my 90 days ran out to be in the country. It looked like I would need to leave the country for two to three weeks while my visa came in, and then I could return on day 89 to pick it up. As we were going through all this we made plans to go to England for Sam to work with a congregation where we knew one member, who was my sister’s college roommate for four years. As it turned out, I did not have to leave the country. When we contacted the congregation in England to let them know we would no longer have to come they were disappointed, saying they were trying to improve on evangelism and they wanted to focus on it in 2018. Sam told them he would come back to do a gospel meeting of sorts and we planned it for the end of February 2018.

We just got back from our weeklong trip in England and it was such a wonderful trip! We were encouraged by the congregation in Brandon, England, and I think they were also encouraged by Sam’s teaching, preaching, and encouragement.

We arrived on Thursday night. On Friday and Saturday evenings Sam taught classes on evangelism, and on Saturday morning the men had a Bible study, after which they walked around Brandon to invite people to services and talk about the gospel.

Sunday Sam preached twice, once on the importance of evangelism and once on his summary of the gospel. In between services we had a potluck lunch at “the cottage” (the nice house next to the building that Sam and I got to stay in!) and we got to visit with and meet the congregation there.

Some members from the congregation at Brandon graciously stocked us up with some staples for our stay at the cottage, but we still made a few trips to the local grocery store for some produce. We loved the “trolley” sign, so we took a picture to send to our family 🙂

On Monday we traveled to Cambridge to visit Morgan and spend the day with her. She showed us all around the city and we got to go into several of the colleges! It was a cold, but very fun day.


King’s College, where we went to an Evensong in the chapel that night




It snowed all day! This picture was taken at the end of the day (this is King’s College chapel) and the ground is covered!

On Tuesday we went out for an English lunch of fish and chips!



Exhausted travelers on the train

The trip home was exhausting! We are so glad to be home now.


  1. Mom
    March 7, 2018

    We are so glad you are home too and can’t wait to see you next week.

  2. Cathy Brown
    March 7, 2018

    Hi! I’m following through your mother’s blog whom I found through someone else.
    I’m very much enjoying reading your travels and experiences. Thank you for sharing God’s Word and for sharing your life. Congratulations on the little one to come!

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