Travel God’s Family (part one)

God’s Family (part one)

After our wonderful, perfect wedding Sam and I headed to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee for our honeymoon. We just relaxed for the first couple of days, then Sam told me his vacation was over and he needed to start working on a sermon to preach the following Sunday. Since …

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Reminiscence Our Story

Our Story

When I began attending Florida College in August 2015, I told my Mama that I was not going to have any “boy drama” because I had decided that I was not going to like any boys, or even consider them, for quite some time. Unfortunately for me, (but actually very fortunately!) on August 23, 2015, …

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Introduction Welcome!


We decided to start this together as a way to share with all our friends and family (and anyone else) who are interested in what we are doing as we begin our life together, and as we move to Romania soon. Several people have expressed interest in keeping up with our family and our various …

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