Romanian Life Do You Like Romania?

Do You Like Romania?

“Îți place România?” “Do you like Romania?” I think this is the question I have been asked the most ever since I moved to Romania a little over a month ago. The questions that almost always follow are “Is it different?” and “Is it hard?” My answer to all three questions, simply, is yes. It …

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Reflection Balance


Julie and I eat ice cream every night together. It is a routine that my single-self would have never permitted. At about 21:00 we get ready for bed and then I pull out our blender to make some ice cream, blending 340 grams of frozen bananas, 25 grams of peanuts, and some instant coffee. After …

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Reflection Learning Together

Learning Together

Sam and I both love being productive. Most of the time this is a good thing. I greatly dislike the thought of wasting time, so I am always looking for something to do to fill every bit of time. If I watch a movie with my family or friends, I must have something to knit …

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Romanian Life Getting Settled

Getting Settled

My first night in Romania was very overwhelming for me. I had just traveled for nearly two days, and I was exhausted, far away from home, and in a completely new and different place. I am not completely through the transition stage yet, having only been here for two weeks, but I already feel much …

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Romanian Life The Next Chapter of our Journey

The Next Chapter of our Journey

The first seven weeks of our marriage were wonderful. We traveled all over the place for Sam to preach and share the work in Romania on the weekends, visiting and meeting countless brothers and sisters in Christ everywhere we went. During the week we lived at my parent’s house, spending time with my family, having …

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Introduction On Blogging

On Blogging

I’m writing this post as we are flying over New York heading to London. Julie is sleeping beside me. I have been wanting to write a post for a while now but I am just now getting time to write it. I want to write a little bit about the reason for Julie’s and my …

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Travel God’s Family (part two)

God’s Family (part two)

Mississippi When we got back to Mississippi after our honeymoon and our trip to Ohio, my whole family except Daddy was away at camp. We saw them all Friday night, and then headed to Florida the next morning. After our quick trip to Florida both Sam and I and my family were happy to be …

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Travel God’s Family (part one)

God’s Family (part one)

After our wonderful, perfect wedding Sam and I headed to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee for our honeymoon. We just relaxed for the first couple of days, then Sam told me his vacation was over and he needed to start working on a sermon to preach the following Sunday. Since …

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Reminiscence Our Story

Our Story

When I began attending Florida College in August 2015, I told my Mama that I was not going to have any “boy drama” because I had decided that I was not going to like any boys, or even consider them, for quite some time. Unfortunately for me, (but actually very fortunately!) on August 23, 2015, …

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Introduction Welcome!


We decided to start this together as a way to share with all our friends and family (and anyone else) who are interested in what we are doing as we begin our life together, and as we move to Romania soon. Several people have expressed interest in keeping up with our family and our various …

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