Pregnancy Update: Baby #2

Today I entered into the third trimester with baby number two! I thought I’d write a little pregnancy update and tell a bit of the story with this sweet baby we get to meet in a few more weeks.

Getting pregnant/finding out

I was only 20 years old and we had been married for 6 months when I found out I was pregnant with our first child, Mae. It was a complete shock and it took me some time to comprehend it all and be happy about it. Of course Mae is the biggest blessing in our lives and I am so happy she came when she did, it was just a shock and struggle at first!

When Mae reached a certain age we decided we were okay, and ready to get pregnant again. I had finished school and in nine months Mae would be ready to be a big sister. Once we made this “decision” and changed our mindset I was very, very ready to be pregnant again.

But, as is normal, things did not go as we planned. Friends and family around me began announcing pregnancies, and I had negative test after negative test.

I believe God’s timing was perfect though.

In December I began getting slight suspicions that I could be pregnant, but I wouldn’t let myself dwell on it or read into my feelings too much. On a trip to Walmart I decided to pick up a pregnancy test, but they were all gone! Except for a few more expensive ones, and I was not sure enough to spend a lot of money on a test. I decided it was fine, and I could wait a little longer if I was going to be disappointed again.

A few days later we made the trip to Florida to be with Sam’s family for Christmas. We ran by Walmart to pick up a few things, and I made sure to grab a pregnancy test.

It was positive.

I went into the room where we were staying and told Sam. I was a little in shock, and I kept asking him if he really saw two lines. Were they really there?

Telling the family

I calculated my due date and how many weeks I thought I was, and I figured I was about 8 weeks. We decided it was not too early to tell his family, so we told them that day at lunch.

Sam wanted to tell them very casually, so I left it up to him. When my mother-in-law began bringing out dessert, someone mentioned making coffee. My pregnant sister-in-law requested decaf coffee, and Sam said, “Julie will take decaf too.”

I remember my sister-in-law giving me a look like she knew, and Sam simply said, “She’s pregnant, you know?”

I started feeling nauseous about a week later, but we had decided to wait until Christmas to tell my family. It was so hard to keep it a secret! On Christmas Eve, when the whole family was together (except, sadly, our brother-in-law) I put a shirt on Mae that said “Big Sister.” We were about to eat dinner, so we put a bib on to cover it up. After we all sat down, Sam made a comment to Mama about Mae’s new shirt. She lifted up the bib and immediately asked, “Is it real?”

We told a few close friends right away, and we announced it to everyone else after I had my first doctor’s appointment at 13 weeks.

First Trimester

So far I have been blessed with very easy pregnancies. The first trimester was the hardest both times, but overall it was not so bad. I even felt better with this baby than I did with Mae.

I was absolutely exhausted all the time, and having an energetic toddler who was still nursing didn’t always help! I felt nauseous and had an aversion to many foods and smells, but that was the extent of it. I never threw up or had any extreme symptoms.

By week 15 or so I felt my energy coming back and I started eating more normal foods and handling smells.

Second Trimester

I love the second trimester! My energy is back, I start exercising much more regularly, and baby starts growing and kicking! Oh, how I love sweet baby kicks.

Although we did find out Mae’s gender before she was born, we decided to be surprised this time! At first I was sure baby is a boy, but later I began to waver and think she’s a girl. Now I have no idea and no feelings, but I am so excited to meet him or her!

Mae definitely does not understand, but she loves babies in general and she loves to talk about the baby that is going to come live with us soon. She will rub and kiss my belly, lovingly calling it “baby.” Sometimes she also says there is a baby in her belly or Dada’s too. She changes her answer every time we ask her if she thinks baby is a boy or girl, but she loves to say the name we have picked out for a girl (we already decided on both names).
I am excited for her to be a big sister. She is so sweet and loving to all her baby dolls, giving them kisses and bottles, asking them which book they would like and sharing all her snacks and toys with them. I’m not sure how she will be with a real baby taking up my attention, but I do think she will love him or her.

We are immensely blessed by God, and I am so thankful for both of my precious babies. I can’t wait to meet Mae’s little sibling!

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