These are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are a few things I’ve been loving lately in this stage of life. Life is crazy but wonderful with a new baby and a new house. We moved into our house last week. We are still slowly but surely getting more settled, but we are happy to be in our wonderful house that is becoming a home.


These are my absolute favorite “things” ! Being a wife and Mama are my favorite jobs ever,. I am blessed with an amazing husband, and Mae is the sweetest baby. She is a lot of work and it is exhausting, but it is all such a joy.

Ring Sling

This ring sling is another of my favorite things. When my sister in law was staying with us with her baby (who is exactly one month older than Mae) I tried our her sling. Both Mae and I loved it! I immediately began doing some research and decided to get the same brand sling, which was Wildbird. Wildbird is a great company and all their slings are handmade by mothers. This also means that there are only certain times that the slings are available and they sell out quickly. I ended up buying a used one from a buy-sell-trade group and I was able to get exactly the fabric, color, and size that I wanted


This is the best thing ever! Mae sleeps much better when she is held, so she has been taking many naps in the sling while I’ve unpacked boxes, cooked supper, or done laundry.

Audio Bible

While I’ve been unpacking and cleaning with Mae in the sling, I have enjoyed listening to an audio Bible. The work I’m doing is mindless, such as putting dishes in cabinets or folding laundry, so I have the mental capacity to focus. I have a lot of time to read while I’m feeding Mae, but it is different and nice to listen to God’s Word as well.

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I also really enjoy listening to podcasts. When I was in Romania I loved to listen to podcasts or audio books while I cooked or cleaned, so I have continued to listen to several while Mae is eating, or while I’m working around the house if I’m not listening to the Bible. My favorite podcasts are Happier with Gretchen Rubin, The Lazy Genius (this is my new favorite!) and What Should I Read Next. I have a few others I’ll listen to from time to time, but I pretty consistently listen to these three.


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Another one of my favorite things right now is my Kindle. Sam got me a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday this year and it has been great. It is so much lighter and easier to hold than even the lightest paperback, which makes it ideal for reading while Mae is eating. Recently I’ve read Peace Like a River by Leif, Pollyanna, and I’m almost done with Prayer by Timothy Keller. I am considering starting War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy after this (I’ve read half of it before and abandoned it), but I’m not sure if I want to undertake such a big commitment. Has anyone read War and Peace, and what is your opinion?

Baby Gowns

Mae’s Mawmaw (my Mama) gave her this gown and it is my absolute favorite. She came home from the hospital in it and it still fits her!

My final favorite thing for this post (though I could go on and on with different baby items, music, or peanut butter or chocolate…) is baby gowns. I love how cute they look and how wonderful they are for changing diapers quickly, especially since Mae greatly dislikes getting a diaper changed or being undressed in any way. I have decided that this just might be my signature baby shower gift because I love them so much.

I have written this with Mae in her sling, and she’s only not wearing a gown because I need to do laundry and hers are all dirty. I’m going to go do said laundry, wash some dishes, and unpack a bit while she’s content, and I’ll probably listen to the Bible, and the Lazy Genius podcast later. I’ll read Prayer on my Kindle (and contemplate War and Peace) next time Mae eats, and I’ll probably eat chocolate or peanut butter at some point today.

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favorite things for your current stage in life?

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  1. Mom Peters
    October 3, 2018

    As always I love how you put to words the favorite things in your life. I too am unpacking boxes of all the wonderful things you left here in Romania. Hopefully this week I will have most of it done and feel more settled. Love the gown so much and you know how I am about my peanut butter!! 😉 XOXOXO


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