Two Little Things

Often it’s little things that make a big difference in life. I have so many huge things in my life that make it wonderful, but these are two “little” things that I am enjoying right now.


I had heard of this before, then forgot about it. Mama told me about it when she saw it on someone’s Instagram story and told me I had to get it! I still try to pump often, to keep up my milk supply and to have extra milk in the freezer for date nights and emergencies, but sometimes it seems like the biggest hassle. No, it doesn’t take that much time or effort, but it takes just enough to make me almost dread it! But no longer. I ordered an inexpensive (thirteen dollar) Haaka and our freezer is now full of milk. The hands-free method makes pumping a lot easier, and I love having milk in the freezer.

I still struggle slightly with milk supply, and I can tell a big difference if I stop taking my supplements (goat’s rue and fenugreek), or hydrating, eating well, etc. So I still don’t get massive amounts of milk, but I can usually accumulate enough for a bottle in a day or two, which I think is pretty amazing.

So this Haaka pump is making my life a little better.

Jogging Stroller

I always say Mississippi winter weather is bipolar. In one week it went from 20 degrees to 65! On the days that the temperature is close to 65 we have been enjoying our jogging stroller.

We’ve mostly used it together so our family can run together, but I have taken Mae on a few runs by myself as well. We love it! I am running a lot more now, and Mae enjoys it too.

These are the little things that are making life a little sweeter right now.

What is making your life better?

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  1. Mom Peters
    February 17, 2019

    That breast pump is the coolest thing. Im just so glad they are making it easier for mothers to breastfeed. I love your article and am so glad you are getting back to running more. It always makes me feel better when I exercise.


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