Ways You can Help a Missionary Wife

Being a missionary wife for a year in Romania was one of the best, but also the hardest years of my life. I would not trade the experience for anything, and if it is God’s Will in the future, I will be happy to go back to it!

It was easy to get lonely and discouraged, but there were people who reached out to me and made a big difference, though I’m not sure they knew the impact their actions had on me. A message or a letter would make my day, or my whole week. The knowledge that someone was thinking of me or praying for me would encourage me and keep me going.

Do you know a missionary wife, or maybe a preacher’s wife living far from her home? I’m sure she would appreciate anything you do to let her know she’s thinking of you. It really does help.

Here are some things that were done for me while I was overseas, and I will always remember them and the encouragement they gave me.

Care Package

If the person you have in mind lives overseas, this can prove quite a difficult task. I know someone who sent a care package to Romania and the shipping was over sixty dollars! Unless you’re totally ready to splurge, your friend living overseas will completely understand if you don’t send a care package, but if you do they will remember it forever. Someone sent me a homemade bag and note and it is still so meaningful to me. Also, when some friends from the States came to Romania for a 2 week trip, several people sent along letters and little gifts (free shipping!) and that meant so much as well.

If your friend lives in the States, I’m sure she would love to receive a care package from you, with nothing more than simple goodies that let her know you’re thinking of her.


This is so simple, and anyone loves a handwritten letter. Write and tell her what you’re up to, no matter how boring it seems to you. Write an encouraging Bible verse. Send a coloring page from your kids. Getting a letter in the mail was always so exciting, and I proudly displayed all the artwork on our wall and refrigerator. International stamps are barely over a dollar, making it an easy way to really make a difference for someone’s day.

Text, Facebook Message, or Email

These messages don’t even take a stamp! My day was always brightened when someone sent me a message saying they were thinking of me or praying for me. It is so encouraging to know you aren’t forgotten, and people really are thinking of you and care for you. So if you ever think of your missionary friend, or mention her in prayer, tell her! It will make her day.


This is the most important. We have seen the results of prayer again and again, and I am so thankful for all the people who lifted us up in prayer. Again, if you pray for your friend, let her know! It will be so encouraging.


If you talk to your friend, whether on the phone, through an email/letter, or in person on a visit, ask her how she is. Ask her what it’s like where she lives. Ask her how the work is going. Again, it will make her feel like people care, and it actually makes the difficulties easier.

In conclusion, any kind of communication is so appreciated! It only takes a little effort and makes a big difference.

Have you ever been in a situation where little things like these would make a big difference? I would love to know so I can reach out to others who may need it!


  1. Jill
    November 14, 2018

    This is a fantastic post! I think my kids and I should look into being an encouragement!
    Thank you, Jill

    1. Julie Peters
      November 15, 2018

      Thank you! I know someone would appreciate it so much if you reached out to them 🙂
      ~ Julie


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