What Do You Do All Day?

I get asked this question often. People from back home as me what I do every day as the wife of a missionary. People here in Romania ask what I do all day when I tell them I’m from America, or that I don’t have a job.

What I do in a day varies a lot from week to week and from day to day. Some weeks I feel like I am running around every day, with barely any time to take a break or breathe, but other weeks I have plenty of time to catch up on school, housework, and any other tasks I would like to get done. Some things change as my pregnancy progresses and as I am changing physically, but here are some typical things you may find me doing these days.


I am currently enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University in the online program. I earned my Associate’s degree at Florida College, and last summer I enrolled online so I could finish my degree while living overseas.

Every day I try to spend some time completing my assignments for the week, which typically consist of reading and a lot of writing. Some weeks have more assignments than others, and some weeks are busier than others, but I typically find the work load manageable, which is a blessing with everything else going on right now.

I am working towards getting my Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. I will take off a couple of terms around our baby’s birth, and I hope to start back slowly about 2 months after she is born. Lord willing I will be finished at the beginning of June 2019!


I do laundry in some capacity nearly every day. Our washer is pretty small, so we have enough dirty laundry (especially when we both run) for a load every other day consistently, and I will wash several days in a row when I do towels and bedclothes. Dryers are very rare in Romania, so we hang everything to dry on a drying rack. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, Daddy made me a clothes line on our balcony and the clothes try much more quickly, and I can wash bedclothes and a load of laundry in one day and both are able to dry.


I try to do some type of cleaning every day, but our apartment really isn’t that big and it doesn’t take very long to clean, so I usually end up doing all the cleaning in one day. It only takes up a morning or an afternoon, so it probably ends up being more productive this way. I spot clean all throughout the day and I sweep the kitchen several times a week.


I also spend time in the kitchen every day. I absolutely love cooking and preparing food and I usually listen to podcasts or audio books while I prepare vegetables and cook our meals. We also have company over for dinner about once a week, so I usually spend a little extra time in the kitchen on those days to make a special meal and bake bread or a dessert.


Going to the store takes up a nice amount of time, and I usually go to the store two to three times a week. This is partly because we do not have an abundance of space to store food, and partly because I have to carry everything and I cannot carry a week’s worth of groceries. I loved it when my family was here and I had lots of helpers with carrying the food.

It is about a 30-minute walk to the grocery store, but it is very enjoyable when the weather is nice. This is also a nice way for me to get a bit of exercise, as I am trying to stay active yet it is difficult for me to run as much as I used to. Now that Sam’s parents live in Craiova (only a ten minute walk from us!) Mom and I like to go to the store together. We talk and visit on the whole walk and the whole time we shop and we both enjoy it so much!


Once a week Mom and I walk somewhere to study together. Since I have come to Romania we have gone through For Women’s Eyes Only by Shaunti Feldhan and part of Feeling Good by David Burns. Now we have recently begun Body Image Lies. I always enjoy discussing the topics from the chapters in the book, but perhaps even more I enjoy the time we get to just sit and talk about everything. We always tend to go off on tangents about any little thing, but it is always just whatever is on our mind and I am so glad we get the chance to talk about everything. I always come away from our studies so encouraged.


Once a week we volunteer at an after school center to teach English. Beforehand I will spend time preparing the lesson, and sometimes a slideshow with pictures, to teach the children. I also like to have a coloring sheet and a simple craft for them to do.

Every other week we have an English Book Reading Club at the library. So far I have chosen books that I have already read, so preparation usually consists of briefly rereading or skimming the books, writing a summary, and coming up with a few discussion questions. So far we have done Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and A Wrinkle in Time, and for our last meeting we will discuss To Kill a Mockingbird.

Website Work

I like to say that I am Sam’s secretary. I designed the church website for our church here in Craiova and I try to keep it updated with resources and events. Each week I create posters or flyers for the week’s events and post them on our website, Facebook page, and meetup.com.

Bible Studies

We have worship services and Bible studies here in our apartment on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons. In addition to this Sam teaches a study on Evidences for God in a coffee shop downtown. He also studies with various other people throughout the week, but I typically do not join him for those. Sometimes I will go out with Sam while he passes out flyers or puts up posters, but other times I stay home to cook dinner or do school.

There are many other little things I do each day and each week, but these are the things that take up the most of my time.

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  1. Mom
    June 5, 2018

    Your posts are always so encouraging. I am always so encouraged with our studies also. Thank you again for all your kind words. You are such a blessing to me!


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