What Mae is Teaching Me

“So are you able to run yet?” My friend asked me, casually in our conversation together over coffee (and a baby in her ring sling).

“Well, I am physically able to run, I just don’t have the time to right now. But you know, it’s okay, because I’m not a runner, I’m a Mama now,” I began telling myself more than her.

That simple question started me off on a tangent going way back, trying to explain what having a baby has taught me. And I’m still learning.

Lessons from a baby

Having a baby is teaching me so much about myself, and while it is not always fun, it is so valuable.

When I got pregnant sooner than I planned (but God’s plan is so much better!) I found myself having to face a lot about myself. I saw an issue I have, that I did not want to gain weight or get any bigger, fully surface as my body grew and changed in many ways with pregnancy. I realized as I was forced to drastically decrease the amount of running I was doing that running was a much bigger part of my identity than it should have been. I learned how selfish I was, and how much I wanted to do things my way and on my time.

I’m still learning

I definitely still have not learned all these lessons! I still look at my postpartum body and wish I looked and felt like I did before. I still long to go out and do a long run or a speed workout with the same endurance as before. I still want to go out and do things on my own or not be so tied down to my sweet baby’s schedule. But I am still learning.

I am learning to be less selfish. I am learning where I am placing my identity, and shifting my focus to Christ and my identity in Him. I am learning to focus on the needs of others instead of my own. And these lessons are blessings from God.

Children are a blessing

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalm 127. I admit, during my pregnancy and the first few weeks, I do not always feel rewarded. But if I stop and think about it I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am. How do I deserve this reward of this amazing life I am responsible for? How do I deserve the joy she brings? And all the lessons she is teaching me, though she is only twelve weeks old?

I know I do not deserve any of it. I do not deserve any blessings from God, yet He has showered my life to overflowing. Now I must use them to His glory, and thank Him for each one.

This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for so much, but I am especially thankful this year for my sweet baby and all she is teaching me.

What about you?

How are your children a blessing? What lessons have you learned lately?


  1. Mom Peters
    November 20, 2018

    Your wisdom is beyond your years. You are always teaching me. I love your honesty! 😍💞

  2. Jill
    December 2, 2018

    Such a great word! The value that Motherhood brought to my life is hard to measure. It’s so deep. It’s like all the parts of me became more alive. Mysterious…only God! Somehow loving my children allows me to open more and see God’s love for me! Thank you God that you wants us to know Your love!
    – Jill


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