About Us

About Us

Sam is a follower of Christ, husband to Julie, soon to be father to their first child, preacher and evangelist in Romania, student of the master’s program at Knox Theological seminary, lover of learning, and long-distance runner. When Sam was 7-8 years old he lived in Romania for a year and a half along with his parents and three older brothers as his father worked and preached in Bucharest, Romania. Sam did not have enthusiasm or commitment to the work at that young age, but his interests returned to Romania when he had matured spiritually and was studying for his bachelor’s degree, and the summer after graduating he moved to Romania to encourage the Romanian brethren and preach the gospel to the lost.

Julie is a Christian, wife to Sam, soon to be mother to a little girl, online student at SNHU in their Bachelor’s English Language and Literature program, homemaker, crafter, writer, and runner. She grew up in a close family, being homeschooled and never wanting to leave home or get married. However, after a few months at FC in Tampa, FL and meeting a wonderful guy on the cross country team, everything began to change. Sam and Julie began dating in January, were engaged in August, and Sam left for Romania nine days later. In June 2017, after a long distance engagement, they were finally reunited and married and they moved to Romania together in July.

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Peters Progress

When we began this blog everything was new. Not only were we new to blogging, we were new to marriage, living together, living in a different country, and learning to grow together as we navigate through our many adventures in life. We created this blog to document our progress together as we learn new lessons about each other, the God who created us, and the world He created for us to live in.

We are still new to so many things and we are learning how to progress a little more every day. We hope you will enjoy reading about our journey and find some tips or encouragement to help you along your journey as well!